[SD] is now verified on Rarible NFT marketplace!

Steady Design is now selling art on the Rarible NFT marketplace! Rarible is one of the top NFT marketplaces for

collecting and minting NFT's on the decentralized web. For now [SD] has a lot of illustrations and designs posted to the marketplace but looking forward to 2022 and beyond [SD] will be adding new original designs, illustrations, and also past and present photography! Steady Design was also just verified on Rarible not too long ago so this is a call to action to all my supporters and new discoverers of my art to share and spread the awesomeness and get some of this collection minted on the blockchain! Also this will greatly help to fund my video blog efforts as well, any bit helps out!

I also wanted to note again that photography will be added so if you see a particular photo you want to see on Rarible

let me know! Thank you!

Be on the lookout. ;)


#2022andbeyond #KEEPITSTEADY

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