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Change of Perception

A Change of Perception is an idea that was born out of necessity. It is a positive movement that was created to show us that although each of us is faced with circumstances in life; circumstances do not matter. It is how we decide to react to these circumstances that define us. This event will be one of the most unique shows that have been portrayed in the art and fashion world. It will be much more than meets the eye and is perfect for the whole family. So bring the little one as we’ll have activities for them as well. The proceeds from our show will be donated to the local arts community and to help clothe and feed the homeless. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you there. 12/11/2015 For more info and tickets visit What we plan to do through our movement is to teach people, especially our youth, about the importance of expression. That each and every single one of us is a creator on this planet. That we have the capability of overcoming the most complex of obstacles. Believing in yourself and knowing that you are a work of art. It is all a state of mind and circumstances do not matter; it is simply your reaction towards them. We want to reestablish independence in self We want to change the way people look at clothes. We want to give you the tools to become the creator…because at the end of the day that is what we are CREATORS of our own destinies.

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